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Can we subscribe using paypal?
Oh really? I didn't know that. I'm a member of this other forum that gives users the options of choosing the length of their subscription and it has like 10 options ranging from 1 week to 25 years and you pay based on how long you want the subscription for and it places you in some special group. But that forum is vBulletin so I'm not entirely sure if that makes a difference.
Well in paypal, you can make a button with differnet choices and prices.

Ill see if you can do it with a suscribe button and ill let you know.
Also, with the MyIPN Paypal Subscription you need to have a premier paypal account.

Using the Papal Suscribe button you can create a dropdown to say how much they can pay per week, month or year. I cant see anything about a number of months etc.
Seriously? How do you do that? Have you got Labrocca's paypal subscription thing to work for timed subscriptions?
No because I don't have a paypal premier account.

But if you go to paypal, login, merchant services from the top menu, subscribe button....then its kinda self explanatory.

Let me know if your having troubles.
hi guys,,,
Yeah you can subscribe to it.Creating the button is easy.The paypal site provides the HTML code, which you need to simply copy and paste to your site.The customers can then click the button to set up their subscription payments.
So with paypal's code can I like have users pay depending on a drop down list (i.e. $2 - 1 week, $4 - 1 month, $10 - 6 months) and will it put the users in some group and expire them out of that group depending on how long they bought the subscription for?


Okay, so I looked into the paypal button further and I saw that you can add drop down lists of what they want to subscribe into, but like why is this so easy? I mean, I actually downloaded Pirata Nervo's Donation Bar plugin and its sooo much code, whats the difference?

And yeah, will this subscribe button like put a user into a certain group once they pay or something?
No, you have to do that your self.

There might be something that does it but im not 100% sure.

Ill check in a bit.
Yeah, there's the VIP membership plugin which does exactly this (it puts a user into some group for some period of time and they are removed from the group once their time is up). I wish Labrocca could just mod his mysubscription plugin and allow for time expirations Sad

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