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Can we subscribe using paypal?
I can't seem to find the paypal button....and this got me thinking:

If labrocca made a paypal plugin and he's not using it then does that mean it doesnt work or something? Cause that's the plugin I actually wanted to get...
Shall test the plugin tomorrow for you, but I'm pretty sure it does.

Also you can pay via paypal. Click the upgrade link along the top, then click the very bottom button, Reg Net Paypal.
And is this the only paypal subscription plugin? I mean, I need one that can support paying for like 1 week or 1 month or 6 months or 1 year. Does this plugin put the user into some special group for a time period or forever?
Anyone help?
First You Have To Click Reg Net Link Then You Have To Select Paypal Then Fill Info And Pay It , Its Forever I Think And Its Subscriber , You Can Download Attachments E.T.C
Awww mannnn Sad So with Labrocca's v2 plugin we can't make it so that the user 'expires' out of a group after a while?
You can set up suscriptions in paypal. But im not sure if you can set it up to suscribe for a time length.

There is a plugin which puts a member into a group for a length of time but it doesnt have the paypal plugin intergrated with it.

Ill have a look at paypal soon to see if there is a method of having a suscribtion for 6 months etc.
I don't see why Labrocca didn't put this into his plugin...I mean...How can you generate income if the subscription is forever? It should expire so you can make money and my subscription won't be just having a cool userbar but for people to use my applications and such and I made an authorization system for that.
I havent seen the plugin yet, but I think you might beable to but it will require some changes to the code.

In Paypal, you can create suscribtion buttons with a time limit, say from 1 day to 30 years. After you build the button you get the code to put into your website, or in our case the plugin.

So you might beable to change the button code in the plugin to the code you want.

Im not 100% sure if there is an option to change the susription length in the plugin in or how it works, but ill install it later today and try it out Smile
Also dont forget to suscribe otherwise you wont beable to download the plugin
I think I'll wait until a plugin like this comes out. It shouldn't be too hard for Labrocca to implement it because there is already a plugin that does exactly this called "VIP Membership" and it basically places users into groups for a certain amount of time. All Labrocca would need to do is allow admins to create a drop down so users can select length of subscription and then the VIP membership plugin would put them in a certain group for the amount of time they selected. I know it is easier said than done but Labrocca can do it, he's a beast Big Grin
Lol you basically just said what i said 2 posts ago xD

And no it wouldnt be that easier because like I said before, is that you can only change the suscription length PayPal side, not from a plugin.

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