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Newslots - Works & New Feature
Well, slots became outdated, and old and i thought it was a great modification that labracco had designed, still is a very great mod! But it needed to be re-modded to get it back up to date.

Slots is a fun little feature for your forum members to spend their points that is based on the modification ( Newpoints ) this mod use to be based on MYPS, but has been converted.

I'd like to thank:
Jesse Labrocca, for designing this wonderful Mod

x-Treme, for extensive amount of help with installing to my forum, and helping me get it compatible with 1.6.

And myself, for making a perfect hitting slot machine, basically you have a random slot now that if you hit 2 of same with the random slot you will win. So you only need 2 of a kind with random slot. Note: When you hit with random, you only receive x5, x10, x15 so its not as good payout!

For example, the green astric * is the random and i won!
[Image: winner.gif]

Set your payout to 5 points, unless you want your member's getting mad rich! Haha.

How to set payout:
Admin CP > Settings > Slots, change from 10 to 5 & Save.

Enjoy, for support please visit and contact me there, thank you.


Jack Pot ( sucks up members coins and spits them out to the lucky jackpot winner! )
X Amount of spins daily ( Allows members to only spin so many times a day )
Biggest Winner
Biggest Loser
X Amount to bet at one time.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 252.6 KB / Downloads: 112)
ive installed plugin but no menu in settings saying slots
Uninstall the one you have and try this one.

.zip   MYPS (Size: 198.19 KB / Downloads: 77)
Still doesnt work =/
Replace the inc/plugins/slots.php with this one:

.php   slots.php (Size: 4.29 KB / Downloads: 20)
Still dont work =/ wtf.. atleast you got the option to show now. Can you add me on MSN [email protected]
What doesn't work? Works fine for me.
add me on MSN, plz or visit the forum and talk to me in shoutbox so i can explain i installed your version of slots, then you posted slots.php that i replaced in inc/plugins/ then i re-installed the plugin and seen there was an option set to 10 for amount needed.

When i visit: all i see is " You do not have enough, to play " or what ever it say's i forget exactly what it says. Only thing i've done myself is remove CPError line since that keeps you from not being able to install it.

Maybe you should pack up your whole slot plugin for me, ill delete all my slot files and and replace them with yours and give that a go. But it's weird when i re-install it my new_points dissapear sometimes, so i have to re-install. Im obviously doing something wrong if it's working like a jiffy for you.

But i just wish i had first hand chat with you.
ive now got the slots in settings but when i go to slots.php says i dont have credits how do i get them
Tehehe, i had same problem.
You need to change slots.php and inc/plugins/slots.php this is how you do so

Find: myps
change to: newpoints

In both files, all the way through and make sure you grab X-Treme's slot.php file. Or i can upload a working version of slots for ya

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