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[TUT]Sharing is sexy Social share buttons on every post
Sharing is sexy Social share buttons on every post

Hello friends,this is my first tutorial,after lots of days of learning coding i managed to make this code,working.....
"Sharing is sexy social buttons"

Social share buttons are added to every post and now sharing is really easy.Share your favourite posts to various sites,like facebook,twitter,delicious,google,digg and more.....

Here's the tutorial of how to add social share buttons "sharing is sexy" to every post.........

1.First download the attached file and extract it.

2.Copy the images included (sharing.png,bookmark.png) into the folder /images through ftp.

3. copy the code provided in social bookmark.txt.Open your theme in

ACP>themes and templates>your theme>global.css

and add the entire code provided at the bottom.

Quote:note: In css text provided change URL to to your site url image path

4.Copy the code provided in socialbookmark postbit.txt.Go to

ACP>themes and templates>teemplates>your theme templates>postbit templates
Quote:find: { $ post [ 'signature' ]}
and paste the code below it and save the templates.

that's it you are done........

You can have a demo of it here :

A preview of it here :

.zip   sharing (Size: 44.01 KB / Downloads: 49)
  • This could easily be done in a plugin with more features, little PHP knowledge required Smile
  • Looks very nice, but im not sure if every post is nessesscary, im sure just the thread would do (example, on the footer?)
  • Also the images look rather large and to have them on every post would take up huge amounts of space.

Otherwise looks good and with a bit of development could be quite popular Big Grin
Keep it up
Maybe make a drop down menu for it by user_details, like a " Share This! " button then you click it and it drops down to all them options because like cyber was saying this is not needed on every post but it is a nice mod, just need a little bit more thought.
This stuff is so lame.
I have actually seen these before.
@cybertech...thnkx mate..but am not good at php,am a begining coder,and this stuff is coded after hours of work,on a wordpress plugin.....

@sticky...yeah dat will be awesome idea,and i will work on it.....

@ omni...thnkx omni for responding,and this is my first,may be i ca do more good ones in future.

@last russian,may be you might have seen in another forum,i posted the tutr in many mybb i just added for helping others in the site who didnt notice it in other sites

@all thnkx guys for comments,and iam working on a better integration and making this a requires some time
Any option to add it in 1st post only?
thanks to you, my forum is a little more awesome
it's great. Thank you, my forum must be better with your mod!

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