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Tabbed Menu Help
How do you do Tabbed Forum menus?
You need to suscribe and then download the tabbed menu plugin.
I have the tabbed menu installed but how can you re order the tabs ? I have tried deleting a tab then making it again (hoping it would appear at the end of the tab list .... but it returns to it's original position ... any ideas ?
Regards Jim
create the amount of tabs you require with names of 1, 2, 3 etc, then add the catergories afterwards.
(Jul 20, 2011, 02:27 PM)BleepyEvans Wrote: create the amount of tabs you require with names of 1, 2, 3 etc, then add the catergories afterwards.

Ok done that .... is there a way to have a tab display just to a user group ? so you don't end up with empty tabs
Nope sorry, there are ways around it, but theres nothing that will completely remove a tab to a usergroup
Oh OK so I guess I just add the forums to another tab so they display correctly there .... bit of a shame you can not have say a 'staff only' tab that is displayed only to mods & admin but no worries I have worked around it
Hi All
I seem to have a problem with tabbed menus ... with the navigation
I'll try to explain :-
click on a tab (this displays the forum list)
navigation just shows the board name only
click on a forum (it opens the forum)
navigation shows board name / category / forum both category and board name are links, click on the board name & you are returned to index.php this displays the tabs and remembers which tab you were viewing. But is you click on the category link mybb returns the error "invalid forum". I would guess I have made an error on setup, if is not the case is there a way to add the tabs to forum display etc so I can remove navigation and use tabs to do the navigation ?
to have a look try my site
Regards Jim

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