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[1.6.x Version] MyXBL - Xbox LIVE Statistics & Leaderboard
I give you: MyXBL - the first true XBox Live stats plugin for MyBB! This plugin pulls stats for XBox Live from the Duncan McKenzie API and displays them within your profile as well as adding a user's gamercard to their posts in a customized, hover-over drop-down menu.

You can only pull stats once a day - otherwise Microsoft will get notice and will likely serve you notice. It's up to you to change the task run time yourself if you want to take the risk. I've also removed the file cache and just gone straight for entering everything into the database. There are fewer stats, so it's easier this way.

For a live demo, check here:

For some basic release notes, check here:

The new version is more simple as explained above, but at least it now works (and it will do till Microsoft change gamercard designs again if at all). The plugin now just uses file_get_contents rather than CURL to get the data, then parses it itself - this should mean less errors for most people. If you think the task is taking a long time to complete, you can check the update time in the task logs. It's always been below 1 second for me, but that's on a generally small database with only a few members. It will take a while to complete (it has to fetch gamercards from the server after all then parse them), but I'm totally open to optimisation suggestions!

To access the leaderboard, go to

Please read the documentation provided with the plugin for installation instructions and troubleshooting!


Profile View

Postbit View (with gamercard drop-down closed)

Postbit View (with gamercard visible)


Grab it here!
Looks very nice and neat.

Your screenshot links are broken otherwise, very nice Smile
Good Release sadly i have no use for it though.
Thanks Smile I'll update the screenshots asap
Nice Plugin Im testing it now Smile
This is an amazing plugin! Do you think it is possible to do something simular for PS3?? I would love this on my PS3 website but obviously I cant use this due to it being xbox lol If you can take the time to do it I would pay.
I'm afraid not. For one, I'm not a PS3 owner and for another, I have no idea if PS provide any kind of stat tracking service I can get data from.
No problem thank you.

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