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DubTalk | The Dubstep community!
[Image: logo.gif]
What is DubTalk?
DubTalk is a new internaitonal Dubstep community.
We - the admins, co-owners and such - are 100% dedicated to the new project, and we'll all be spending alot of time, money and effort on this.

Why would you visit us?
As already said, we're 100% dedicated to this project, and we'll spend alot of time, money and effort on making this a nice and active forum.
Alot of stuff isn't done yet, but we're working on it.
We're moving to a new host hopefully today, or tommorow.
A custom theme is about to be launched.
We're playing with an idea, where the months 'best' member, would receieve an award, but that isn't all done yet.

Anything I can help with?
The only thing we're needing from our members at the moment, is advertising.
We do not need any staff, admins etc. at the moment, so please don't waste your time asking.

Refferal contest
Another thing to notice, is that we'll be holding a referall contest when we reach 50 members.
It will be with a cash reward, offcourse Wink.

Random stuff.
We're still fixing alot of minor stuff on the forum.
Lots of small graphical parts aren't done yet, but we're working on it.
I would appreciate if you took your time to visit the site, and if you want to, throw me some feedback.
I'ts always appreciated.
Kind regards, DaBaws aka. Simse.
Looks really nice, i joined Big Grin

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