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My First Theme that I designed for my GFx site,please have a look,maybe a great theme
(Mar 22, 2011, 02:02 PM)CyberTechForums Wrote: Looks like a wallpaper id find in my grandmother’s house. No offense.

Black and a light blue is defiantly the right background colour scheme.

Seeing as you have bubbles in your header_bg why don’t you make a similar background for the body but making sure that the bubbles are more distinguishable than the ones in the header.
awesome idea,thanks man<3,let me try that.

and LOL @ Grandmother,Tongue


Actually,bubbles didn't got to work,they were seperated like different pixes as they weren't uniform,I did some texture,how does this one look? :S o.O

[Image: tXZeY.png]
Lol Jeans xD

Hmm not sure. Anyone else want to comment?
Good to hear that this theme is free to use. However, the theme looks awesome for me, its background as well were nice so there’s nothing more to change. This theme might be the best for me.
i like it, looks nice to bad its not free D: or for sale xD
Many of your images look like basic gradients and textures that come with Photoshop. (way too oldskool. I don't like such backgrounds.)
Try to make it more fresh.
I like your layout Think it looks good just you have lots of spam on there That needs moving
Yeah, I have no time for that forum now and it went a bit fail.

I am focusing more on my new forum now, I designed that too, come join if you guys want to:
Dude I fucking love you. +rep

I have been waiting for the perfect theme for ages and you just handed it to me.


I just read this thread... PLEASE release the theme.
I found a site with exactly the same theme as you. You just changed the banner.
Your Ubers Forums is another HF ripoff in my opinion. :I

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