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Hello, my name is Kevan, but please call me Orochimaru. Now yes I like Anime (hence the user name), but I chose Orochimaru due to the fact that it means "Snake" and I want to become a Ophioloist. Which is the study of snakes. Not to mention I also love spiders as well so I plan on taking courses to be come a Opiologist and a Arachnologist (study of spiders).

I need a forum software that looks professional so I chose MyBB. I like IPB and SMF, but I needed a professional look for my new small comapny Insura Entertainment. Now if I could just find a nice theme that was fitted for the newer version of MyBB.
not much on welcomes here...
Welcome. Smile

Most people are here to get a plugin or theme. Maybe some mybb help. Not much conversation beyond that.
welcome to the site, im new also Smile
hello, i just signed up and looking for plugins and i'm thinking most people are doing the same Tongue
Welcome from a newbie,also looking for plugins and site features
Looking for the same and found! Thanks for all the great plugins guys

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