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Custom & Private Theme Creation
Work on hold until 5th March....
Ok im now free again.
Ill be contacting people who requested themes in the next few days.
wow I may hire you Smile
Ive updated the packages, all customers in the "Current Work" queue will continue on the old packages.
Nice, I'll keep you in my mind.
Updated OP
Recently Completed: E-Z Hax - Theme

Recently Completed: EMillionForum - Graphics & Edits

I have no work at the moment so if anyone wants a theme, the time is now.
Thank you.
If you would like to request a theme, ive made a quick and easy request form to help me create the theme accurately and in a shorter time period.

Ok all themes have been completed, if anyone is looking for a theme to be created and completed within the next few days, please let me know.
I'll be sure to contact you!
I need a few themes coded, i'll shoot you an email soon! Smile

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