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Custom & Private Theme Creation
Oh yer sure, can a take a look and then I'll let you know.
Do you need it exact or can it be similar?
Almost like the theme.
Also, what would be the price of it? More cheaper? xD
It will fall under one of the cheaper of the two options but I'll still have to create the theme from scratch.
If you have a blog link that you'd like me to take a look at, I can give you more information.
I PMed you last time, also because of the tab menu problem. Just remove /forums/.
I can't see a Wordpress blog on the root of that link you gave me, just what looks like a landing page.
Is that the page you'd like me to create?
Actually it's a WP Blog, there's just no articles yet.
Indeed, that style.
Doesnt your forum already have that style anyway?
Hello, i am interested in getting a theme from you.

How much would it cost me to get a custom theme similar to this?

(THis is my old site via forumotion. I did the banner on my own and i got the photo from google image but it be great to get a more professional looking banner as well as a custom bacground(Purple preferably)

So similar to the red background but Purple.
Ive had to create a que for themes as im over-run with work.
I will notify everyone when I am able to work on their request.
I just PMed you for a request. I need it for my new forum.

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