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Last Post Link on Sideboxes issue
I use the sidebox plugin from this site i believe. The last post link on the latest threads does not work.

Even on mybbcentral, when you click last post, it just takes you to the index page. This is exactly the error on my site too.

Any help?
Fair find, I dont think the "Last Post:" link is actually ment to be a link, and i think its ment to be Last Poster as it would make much mroe sense with the ":".

I think only the username is ment to be a link to the profile.

Good find though, shouldnt cause a problem.
Thanks for the reply.

Would there be a quick way of getting the last post to link to the last post?

I was looking through the sidebox.php and im not sure personally... but then again i suck with myBB !
Ill have a look.
Any luck with this?
No sorry, if you look in the standard Last post collumn the issue is there too, so it isnt just Labroccas plugin
What this plugin?
My Sideboxes by Labrocca, you will need a suscription to download it.

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