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Were are you Hosted?
I have got my hosting from - Great hosting with incredible uptime. They have some decent paid plans, plus also some free plans. You have to do a few things for the free plans however, but at the end you will get reliable hosting!
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I've got a VPS with ServeDome and a VPS with Santrex. My MyBB forums is hosted on the ServeDome VPS and Minecraft Server on the Santrex VPS.
I use DreamHost simply because the customer service s second to none, the prices are slightly higher than most. But all in all I give them 10/10, based on never going down and the support.
I also use DreamHost and I totally agree with LeeUK
I'm a proud user of Hawkhost, they are absolutely epic. Prices are very cheap and you can get your site hosted in various places around America! Big Grin

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