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Ded Outdoors joining the list of members here..
Ded Outdoors is joining the list of members here on MyBB Central. Mr. Labrocca designed the theme to the forum....and I hope we have tweeked it up good enough to do some service to his awesome work. I am not good with the upgrades....not good with the modifications....not good with the installations....really not good at anything except using one helleva forum he designed. I hope that I can gain a better understanding of things as time goes on...but untill them I look forward to surrounding myself with people who do.
check out his work..
The right coloured theme for an outdoor topic forum.

Perhaps you should change the width of the forum so we can see a bit more of the background?

I see your forum has many members already so congrats, and I hope you do well in the future.
This forum is really good,and perfect for the topic on which he runs his site.

I know Mallard,he as a person,is awesome and very good gentleman.

I really love to work with this guy,no hassle nothing,and of course,Labrocca's hands to the theme uplifted the forum to top notch perfection.
I figured you must have known hi, seeing as your admin on there.

Also a Favicon might be an idea
I had to establish him admin rights so as to allow him access to the areas he needs for tweeks. Before 2 weeks ago...I did not know him at all.
Just long does it usually take for the cool subscriber logo to show under my username? I paid today.
It would get you subscriber within two days mallard. Smile

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