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need help for ficons
please any one can help me with ficons
this is my website
Dude your not great with adding information with your posts.

We cant help you if you dont post any information with what you need help for
i am asking about ficons plugin problem and also tab menu please help me
Yes but what is the problem? XD
i am install plugin and install successfully,but after browse and upload icon it shows error
Knowing you, you probably didnt upload the whole contents of the downloaded .zip file.
So make sure you upload EVERYTHING, even then extras folder and lisence just to be sure Tongue

If after that its still not working then your CHMOD settings may be incorrect.

Try the first thing, if that doesnt work, reply and ill get back to you.
i did upload every thing from .zip
but it is not working good
As Cyber said, it may be your CHMOD settings.

Also, how did you get the RuneGear theme...?

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