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Minecraft Battles
[Image: adwriteup.gif]

Minecraft Battles is now online and ready for you! Are you a Minecraft fan? Would you like to compete against other Minecraft fans? You just built the Eiffel Tower but have no one to show it off to or brag about it being to scale? Well now you can not only show it off and brag but also dominate your competition!

What is Minecraft Battles?

Minecraft Battles is a site dedicated to bringing Minecraft fans together to battle their creations in a fun and controlled atmosphere.

This sounds interesting, how did it come about?

Minecraft Battles started out as a joke between two Minecraft players that always wanted to one up each others creations. Two friends always tried to build something bigger and better than the other and they wanted to bring this enjoyment to others as well.

Sometimes competition can make people way too serious, I'll pass!

We agree that competition could make a fun game feel like a chore but we try our best to keep the fantastic game of Minecraft enjoyable while still taking place in competition at MCB. We monitor activity and the community and aim to not only have fun but increase your own skill level as you compete.

We try our best to keep a lid on any flame wars or ego stroking players, we would love for them to be slapped by a creeper or fall in a pit of lava!

So we can battle Minecraft creations against the community at MCB for free?

Yes, you can battle against other members on the site for the great price of free! We do offer premium memberships for those interested in taking their competitive side to the next level.

Premium memberships offer real cash and prizes as well as other benefits that are attractive.

This all sounds great, where do I signup?

Come check us out at the link provided below!


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