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How come all the good themes are broken links?
The photoshop bliss themes, the JERO theme, and other good ones are all broken links....
I am gonna launch a new site for mybb themes,I am 16,am learning PHP,if I can code well,I would make plugins too. Smile
Most of these themes are almost, if not, over a year old.
Creators may not have the domain and hosting to host the files anymore, and/or forgot to update the links in the forums.

The guy who creates the 360 themes, has already said hes in the process of purchasing a new domain and hosting package, so you guys can continue to download his themes.

As for the other themes, your just going to have to search for an alertnative download, or email the creator in hope that he will reply.
Yeah I really want the Photoshop Bliss v3/v4 theme but I can't find it anywhere...damn this sucks! Any other good places I can look for themes like/similar to the photoshop bliss quality?

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