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My ad manager
Hi there,

the code you mention is already there, and anyway the plugin does workSmile
Last night I read in another thread that you have to wait for so many hours for the bot to work its magic, and lo and behold this morning the ads were backSmile

Thanks for your help.
Hem... the mystery continues... It transpires that it is from MY computer that I cannot see the ads.
If I login as myself on my iPhone or another computer (same IP) I see them. If I log on my forum as a different user on MY computer, no ads are visible.
Within the plugin I only set up inline ads and nobody should be excluded.
How do I know who is seeing them and who is not??
Code i ACP > Templates>
(Apr 18, 2011, 06:34 AM)g871 Wrote: Code i ACP > Templates>

I guess so its your computer or browser related problem, not of the plugin.
I would imagine so, but I cannot think what might cause it... There must be a link somewhere...

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