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"Wishlist" plugin? (Request if there's none?)
I know plenty of people probably wouldn't have a use for this but is there a wishlist plugin around?

I can't code for the life of me, and while I understand I probably ask for too much... Rolleyes it'd be so very handy for our board with holidays around the corner.

Basically what I'm looking for is the following:

0. for everyone in all or in a particular usergroup to be able to see everyone else's wishlist

1. the ability to add wishes to different categories (admin editable categories)

2. the ability to show an image (linking to it), and to link to a page where to buy said item (no autolinks to amazon or the like because we're a... very particular forum XD we rather enter the link manually)

3. obviously, the ability for the wishlist owner (each mybb user) to edit their own wishlist (add, remove, edit, mark as 'bought' or 'saving', delete)

4. a link to it on the user profile

What I would love it to have in addition, but isn't as necessary:

1. the ability for other users to 'claim' that wish (ie. to show others that they will buy it for the person, but the user not be able to see it unless they specifically request to (as in, maybe click a link and ruin their surprise))

2. for those users to be able to 'release' the claimed wish if they are unable to get it, or to mark as 'bought'

3. maybe a 'donate to my wish' link field for a paypal email or something like that (info on how or where to donate.

4. the ability to hide the wishlist from guests

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