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Template Hack - Replace Forum Names with Clickable US Map
Here's a hack that I implemented to replace forum names with a map of the U.S. in which the States are clickable links.

You can view a demo of the functionality on this site, but please don't judge it for it's appearance, cause the theme definitely needs work:

I'll include an attachment with instructions, images, database forum table, template hack and css styles to add for anyone that would like to implement it.


.zip   US map for (Size: 36.88 KB / Downloads: 7)
what is this for??
I am not able to download this file Sad
1. It looks good but you could do with some onmouseover images.
2. You won't be able to include on/off/offlock images the way you've done it.
(May 27, 2011, 09:19 AM)~THE_BO$$~â„¢ Wrote: I am not able to download this file Sad

same i no able to download this file Sad
OP can you post a screenshot? thanks in advance!!
what is this
This thread is almost a year old.
The attachment doesnt work as uploaded before a specific date became corrupt.
The OP's website does not work either which suggests that he no longer is in the buisness.
Do not expect this 'edit' to be updated any time soon.

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