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Help a Beginner

My colleague (who's just left town for a few days) set me up with a mybb.
It's but there's no posts there yet.

I'm brand new to any kind of bb admin. Where's the best place to get help on admin'ing a mybb forum? A "MyBB Admin User Guide" so to speak. I don't even see a FAQ on this site. Am i in the wrong place?

I've poked around, even added a sub(?)forum but am unsure about various things.

Some specific questions:

What's the difference between a Forum and a Category? I know the latter belongs within the former, along with other categories, but isn't there just one forum, or should i be thinking that within the site, that the various forums are really just top-level categories?

How do i set up a list of registered users? I want my first sub-forum to be closed to guests.

Thanks for any help.
I've found this so far, but i don't know if it's the best.
I think i can answer my first specific question: The hierarchy is this: Board > Category > Forum > sub Forum > etc

And i see how to add individual users. How about a large list of users, at once?
Maybe the best way (short of knowing the best way) is to
  1. initially allow anyone to register the sub-forum (which is actually a forum)
  2. invite everyone in my long list of potential users to register
  3. wait
  4. remove any wrong registrants (unlikely to be many of those)
  5. wait some more
  6. close it to guests
There must be a better way?
Are you just trying to make your forum popular? Or are you looking for a full guide on how to admin the whole from from first opening to performing backups, and installing plugins?
i don't care at this stage about popularity, i already have 140 folks to add as (some sort of) private participants

a comprehensive tech guide would be good, though the main thing is how to add multiple users at once

because i have some mySQL experience, and i think myBB uses that, i just had the thought that if know the structure, maybe i can bypass the BB and do it via the DB?

Why would you want to add users? Surely they could just register themselves?

Also there is a feature within mybb to create new users. Users & Groups > [tab] Create new User
Yes, they can just add themselves. And how would i make it 'private' or somehow restricted to only those people? I.e., how to stop just anyone adding themselves? Maybe that is the only thing i'm not understanding.

Yes, i can add them myself. And i don't want to do it 140 times!

thanks again
To make the forum private just set this option to Yes

As for mass registration, I advise doing it via PhpMyAdmin, thats the only way I can see you being able to add multiple users at once.
Although you then have the problem with passwords, as they are encripted SQL side.
(Apr 30, 2011, 05:45 AM)CyberTechForums Wrote: I advise doing it via PhpMyAdmin, thats the only way I can see you being able to add multiple users at once.

Thanks, that's what i'll try. And report back re. results.
OK, after poking around a lot and experimenting, both via the proper user interface and via the phpMyAdmin, i have discovered how to bulk add many users at once:

Create the first one (or a dummy) manually with the right settings, including an initial, general password.
Go to the mybb DB in PhpMyAdmin and the mybb_users table.
Export the first (or dummy) user to a spreadsheet.
Paste in my big list of users` names and emails in the appropriate columns.
(actually, i just made their username the first 7 chars of their email)
Copy down everything else from the first row, being careful not to auto-increment values.
Save and import to the mybb_users table.
Invite everyone to login and change their password.

Not easy, but i managed it!
I`d be surprised if someone hasn`t built an add-on tool for doing it.

Maybe the only "proper" way is as i predicted above

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