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LEGO Technic

Lego has a reputation for detail but this set really does take it to a new level. Many of the items you would expect to see in a real airport turn up in this set. There is a Soda machine, coffee mugs, security scanning area, computer behind the check in desk and so much more. The only real downside to this set is that there are not many figures included. You may want to buy some additional mini figures because given the size of this set five really isn't sufficient.

In summary, Lego makes a favourite Christmas Gift once again, and is guaranteed to delight the young construction worker in your family.

Lego toys are one of the world’s most preferred building and construction toys. They originated in Billund, Denmark in the year 1932. The Lego pieces were designed out of ‘wooden building blocks’ by a carpenter called, Ole Christiansen. At that time, most of the dealers didn’t trust a plastic toy, resulting in insufficient sales. In the year 1954, the business actually picked up. The ‘modern day Lego’ bricks which came with an ‘interlocking stud mechanism’ were finalized in 1958, and these pieces unbelievably are till date compatible with the Lego pieces of today.

Lego toy bricks ad pieces have been designed to be an element of a collective system of parts where freedom of expression, creative thought and variation can join together to produce fabulous contraptions. Toys like these were an enormous improvement over the usual toys that are being produced today, which muffled individual thought with specific movements and designs. With the Lego toys, you could always and still can create whatever you want. Lego has developed from the splendidly simple and creative blocks to Axles, Cogs, joints and several electronic components that assist in the radio controlled movement.

The Lego brand is very widespread, having crossed over into every well known genre, both TV and film. SpongeBob Squarepants, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Indiana Jones are all a part of the famous Lego Toy sets that the Lego focus groups determine to target. This entire process takes an upwards of six months to get done. The cycle goes as follows: Identifying the ongoing trends of the market, carrying out the designing and development part, and then creating a model Lego toy for the purpose of testing. These days, all of the Lego toy sets are crafted on the computer with CAD, becoming a much easier task for the designers to contribute to their creative effort.

Lego toys are the modern encapsulation of advanced thinking design. A derivative of Lego, known as the ‘Mindstorms range’ comprises of a ‘Bluetooth Lego piece’ that enables you to keep control over your creation wirelessly by using your mobile phone. Many of the Robotic companies all over the world host Lego robotic tournaments every year, letting the winning design join the higher ranks of the ‘robotic soccer team’! Lego has even eminently pronged out into the videogames world. The well known Lego play sets which were stimulated by TV or film like Star Wars, Batman and Bionicles are now made available in the form of full-on digital adventures, seamlessly suitable for each and every age group.

Lego toys facilitates innumerable possibilities and a higher level of fun that every age group tends to appreciate, even the adults who perform the Lego inspirational sessions known as ‘Lego Serious Play’. The list of fun associated with Lego is never-ending. With the ‘Lego Amusement parks’ all around the globe, TV shows and even the songs, the innovation and fun is never-ending making sure that the Lego toys remain forever!

Star Wars Legos are the greatest thing according to my 10 year old son. He has been building legos since he was about 5 and he has built the cars, the Bionicles and the other action sets but Star Wars Lego Sets are by far his favorite.

There are many Star Wars Legos to chose from, you can either be a good guy or join the Dark Side. He started out building some of the more basic Star Wars Lego Sets and is always looking for the next challenge. Every time we go to Target or WalMart we have to check and see if there is a new Star Wars Legos Set out.

Star Wars Legos come in sets as low as $10 up to hundreds of dollars. While the smaller Star Wars Lego Sets are relatively easy to build, usually having only a few bags of parts, some of the bigger Star Wars Legos have many bags of parts and several assembly manuals. On thing we found out the hard way, is the parts bags are usually logically grouped so that similar parts for a particular assembly portion are grouped together. Now when he builds a Star Wars Lego set, he puts each bag into a small bowl rather than dumping them all together in one big bowl.

The biggest Star Wars Lego Sets he has built so far must have had 400 pieces. I know it ran around $50 or so and kept him busy for several nights. Every so often he would come over and show me how some part went together and what it could do. One of my favorite Star Wars Lego Sets he built is one of the walkers (sorry, Star Wars fans, I know it's called something more complex than that). It was kind of hard to build because so many of the pieces were gray. It looks really cool on display.
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