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I need help with two things...

1. What is wrong with this?
[Image: iaza16092817908000.png]

2. Anyone know how to transfer this forum: to (I bought the domain at godaddy, now how do I get to the cPanel?)
Haha I love how yu have the directory "noob".
This means what it says:
You are missing the file, style_editorthemes.lang.php

This is basically what the AdminCP is styled on. So what have you done recently which could have removed it?

Do you have hosting for your forum? If so then you should have a CPanel with it, if not get your money back for your hosting, but its highly unlikely they would have sold you hosting without a CPanel.
If you do have hosting, just dont know how to change the domain, then I suggest contacting your hosting support, and getting them to do it.

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