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wip: transition : light+ dark theme in single click
WIP: Chameleon: Transition

Hello Friends,
Recently i have launched the theme called Chameleon,that changes the colors with a Jscript.

Now i got an idea of making a theme,that has 2 themes within it.
One is a light theme,another is a dark theme.

so here's what i started,and its just a start.

For those who want a light+dark combination,here is the one.
Hence the name " Transition"

Both the themes can be changed with the Jscript,based switch mechanism.

Though they look nearly similar in the theme base,they will differ in the cosmetic appearence.

I just started coding the theme,and so i wanna show case the base of the theme.

Index page will look like this of light theme:

[Image: trbl.jpg]


[Image: trans1b1.png]

Post bits will look classic and like this:

[Image: trpb.jpg]

Index of the Dark theme:

[Image: trb.jpg]

Note: sorry guys for the disappearence of,we will be soon back and please do check out,as theme will be a release after its reinnovation.

theme is 60% made......

This would be a premium release as it took days of hardwork on coding.
Price may be around 30$,at present but will have to look based on final output
The transition seems kind of choppy. It would be amazing if you could make it slower and change at like a gradient.
Uhh u mean the logo ???? The dark theme is made with gradients,working on light theme,definitely will add gradients to header.

Also the buttons would have css3 effects,which would be made soon.

Thanks magnus for suggestions.

I mean like when you choose a different color the colors change with like a gradient wipe effect. Not sure if that is possible, but your theme would probably be the best theme in the world if you could somehow do that.
Hmm that would require the entire prototype of mybb changed to jquery.

It is possible i think so,but it needs a lot of groundwork as afforesaid.

Hopefully such themes could be seen,probably by me Wink,or anyone when version 2.0 of mybb goes gold.

For now the screenshots were a few days old than what it looks present.

So as i am on mobile i couldnt update the screens Sad

But i can provide u a demo:
click me

Username: test
password: password
Very nice well done.
Thanks bro,i will release it in a week as i am
Planning to include more jquery elements Smile
Good job Tongue
good work Big Grin
Nice greet Smile

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