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20 Most Wanted Plugins
Okay nice tutorial.

I know that's the whole point - if we make it clear what we want he can choose which to make and then that will help him restore the MyBB Central reputation and make us all happy. Smile

I'm looking into plugin creation in the future - currently I'm only a HTML & CSS guy. Sad
Just started a thread to compile a list of helpful SQL Queries:
Is there a plugin that allows me to choose how many posts my members much have before allowing them to have certain actions? such as PM people, Add a Sig, Add an Avatar etc?
These feature are available with mybb as standard.
Nice my friend!
I really need a plugin to manage spam!
Wow so many great plugins there.
Great post, thanks for sharing.
This are some grt collection of plugins pal .thanks
Thanks for the great collection dude Big Grin
Cool!!!!!!! Big Grin

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