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20 Most Wanted Plugins
Nice sharing dude, Really appreciate to you about this thread. This is exactly one and only which I was searching for....So its my pleasure to have this thread.
(Jun 04, 2011, 09:20 AM)BleepyEvans Wrote: Also, I think Labrocca uses most of his plugins which makes me believe he only creates plugins he needs or plans on using. So unless im wrong, or your manage to wow him, im not 100% sure if he will be making them.

If I was him, I would because atm his MyBBCentral Reputation is kinda not great with everyone whinging about how there are so few official 1.6 plugins. Even when half the 1.4 work great.

In July - August time, if the plugin ideas havent already been stolen and made, I might have an effect at a few, because some of them are simple enough to do.
Sadly i am not able to see any new plugins on the site and as a new subscriber this is pretty sad.
WallBB Premium MyBB Themes
PM me for any type of support Smile
Labrocca and Co have been very busy create new and updating plugins for the past few months.
I really do like these plugin suggestions.

I'm new to mybb and i really didn't know how much it has to offer.

wow i found alertpay donation here
i found a long ago but in here i found it... thanks mybb central, thanks clarkie
thanks for list Smile))))))))))
Thanks very intersting Smile
thanks for list guys......
hi and nice to see this Big Grin
w0w n1 n1n n1n n1

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