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phpMyAdmin Queries for use with MyBB

Here we can build a list of queries you can run in phpMyAdmin to help your board. To find a query you can use the search feature (CTRL + F).

Make sure to backup your database before running any queries!

Deletion or Removal
Prune or Delete PMs
DELETE FROM `mybb_privatemessages` WHERE `deletetime` = 'X'

Prune or Delete Threads
DELETE FROM `mybb_threads` WHERE `fid` = 'X'

Prune or Delete Posts
DELETE FROM `mybb_posts` WHERE `fid` = 'X'

Prune or Delete Thread Ratings
DELETE FROM `mybb_threadratings` WHERE `tid` = 'X'

Remove Warnings
DELETE FROM `mybb_warnings` WHERE `uid` = 'X'

Creation or Addition

Modifications or Edits

Please feel free to submit your own!

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