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Hello Skyxer,

I registered here because I stumbled upon this topic and I purchased this theme (Judging by the photos, it looks wonderful Smile). I am creating a discussion forum for a game/chatroom called Pico ( My forum is going to be at

Easy Breezy
Thank you for purchasing my theme!
Please check your inbox for more information.
Very good theme for only $10 it gives a mix of professionalism as well as a mix of colorful play which is perfect for what my forum is going to be about. I think it is money well spent. Also its nice to get some live help on MSN so thanks for that!
$10!? Overpriced. Compare it to other themes and you'll see. Maybe $5.99 or something but $10!?
Sorry but i do agree with Clarkie, $10 is far too much for the theme.

Yes some of te graphics do look nice
I dont like the logo (which basically what your theme is named from)
And the Header Text is far too large.

The theme as potential with a few modifications.
Decent theme. Nothing I'd pay 10 dollars for, though. As Bleeps said, the header text is much too large. :p The banner also looks tacky.
Lowered the price to 5$.
It's my very first theme so I had no idea on pricing or other small things Smile
You shouldn't be charging if it's your first theme... You should release some free themes to get used to MyBB theming and also it will help build reputation.
I agree, this theme looks nice however anyone could make it with basic knowledge (no offense). If you still wish to sell it try a cheaper price. More people will buy it if its cheaper and it will help get your name out there. Good luck with theme design. It gets profitable once you get "big".
[Image: mybbsig.php]

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