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[Suggestion/Question] 1.6.x User Chooses a Group

I have been looking everywhere and doing a lot of searching to find a plugin that allows a user to choose their group at registration. I have found very old plugins for 1.4 that support this but none for 1.6

Could someone make a plugin like this?
Is there one that already works with 1.6 that I am not aware of?

Any help is greatly appreciated
Thanks Smile
Why not after registration users will pm some staffs to get them changed to a certain group then do this by staff manually. Not until you find this kind of plugin.
I found the plugin on this site somewhere and it is working properly. Thanks though.
Not going to share a link then?
Here bleepy Smile :
Not going to share a link then?
(May 29, 2012, 08:49 AM)look4sky Wrote: Not going to share a link then?

crazy4cs shared the link.

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