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[Harry Potter] NEW Forum -
[Image: idoMcO.png]


I am proud to announce the Grand 'Opening' of TheBoyWhoLived.Net.

This website is a fan-based Harry Potter forum powered with MyBB forum software. The concept and idea was created when Irreligious sent a private message to xerotic in regards to making a Harry Potter based forum.

From there, Irreligious and xerotic spent hours thinking of a good domain name, getting decent hosting, and setting up the forum.
Now, we have a fantastic domain name, a great custom theme, and two dedicated admins to keep the forum alive.


Plugins and Features:

A few of our plugins include...
  • MyAwards
    • From
  • UserGroup Legend On Index
    • From
  • Spoiler MyCode
    • From
  • Tabbed Menu
    • From
  • Username History w/ Time Restriction
    • From
  • YouTube BBCode
  • Sorting Hat
    • By xerotic
  • And many more!

Administration and Usergroups:

On our site, every member will have the opportunity to use the sorting hat to be sorted into a random Hogwarts House (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin). This will be their usergroup.
Each house will have its own private forum area, moderated by two users (prefects).

In addition to this, you can also get VIP membership with additional features. As of now, VIP membership will be given through contests on site.

  • Headmaster - Administrator
  • Auror - Global Moderator
  • Professor - Sectional Moderator


What are you waiting for? Go register!

See you there, wizard Smile

Its gonna be popular, I say, good job. Smile
Thanks, crazy4cs. Smile
Very nice forum. The sorting hat plugin is amazing. You should release it to the public Wink
Our members have made a total of 2,394 posts in 272 threads.
We currently have 118 members registered.

2 days. Not bad, and actually the few members that we have are good members. And it's nice to participate in TBWL, as we all share the same passion.
Added new sections to the forum, like Commons Area (section to all the houses), Classrooms and other off-topic sections.

Update about the stats: Wrote:Our members have made a total of 3,642 posts in 401 threads.
We currently have 155 members registered.

[Image: signature.php?uid=2]
(Jun 22, 2011, 12:35 PM)Carolus Magnus Wrote: Very nice forum. The sorting hat plugin is amazing. You should release it to the public Wink

I made that one, simpler than it seems Smile

Also, I may release it. Haven't made it as a plugin yet (in the plugins area) but rather as just a file you upload.
Almost 5k posts and more than 250 members. Smile
Stats update:

Quote:Our members have made a total of 5,398 posts in 689 threads.
We currently have 317 members registered.

[Image: signature.php?uid=2]
Very nice

What theme do you use?

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