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Dallas std testing
Morning Sickness

Most people think all pregnant women go through a period of throwing up and getting sick, but estimates show only about 50% of women actually experience morning sickness.

Its not a very good name either, since this "morning sickness" could happen at any time of the day.

Some girls will only be sick in the night, some will be sick all day, and others might not have any pattern to their sickness. Sometimes it's just a feeling like your going to puke, but you never actually do.

* In some cases, morning sickness can change into a more severe form known as hyperemesis gravidarum, which has been known to cause dehydration among other things.

Breast Soreness

A lot of girls' breast's get very sensitive before their period, so you may be used to this one. Pregnant women may also experience this hightened sensitivity. However, it will usually go away before your 3rd trimester.

Some women even enjoy it. Or theres the other group - The girl who keeps poking her breast to check for
tenderness so many times she can't tell if she caused it or not.


Changes in hormones during pregnancy could cause headaches to become more common. You definitely can't use a headache as a sign your pregnant, but once you know your pregnant headaches may be a regular thing. Not only stress, but many other factors can cause them.


Many women start getting bloated very early in pregnancy. Again, this is something pretty much every woman has had to deal with during her period.

Vaginal Discharge

If your not itching or getting rashes or anything, vaginal discharge could be a sign your pregnant. This is because of the mucus plug is producing more mucus to keep the baby safe and protect it from infections, etc.

If you do notice any increase in secretions from your vagina, it shouldn't have any smell. Smelling, burning, or itching could mean you have an STD or other infection and need to see a doctor.

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