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Paid for subscriber but not updated yet? [READ]
Labrocca is a human just like you and I, he eats breathes, and possibly even sleeps.

The upgrade is not instant, and can take up to 48 hours to process, usually the time isnt that long, but it can be. If you have not been upgraded in 24 hours then shoot Labrocca a PM saying that you paid.

So go relax, watch TV, and eat some food. You will be upgraded soon enough.

Well if correctly i paid september 30th $15 but nothing and still nothing but i was inactive so never noticed before
I dont think its been $15 ever so you might want to check your records.
Why did my mail said 15$ (30th sept 2010)
Order #: 1******2 - Witza Membership
Your Registration Provides : Upgrade of one forum account in the Witza Network.
Quantity: 1
Price: $14.99
Once your payment has arrived, this order will be fulfilled.

* Please check your Spam filter and/or junk mail folders for your registration details prior to contacting the software company.

For delivery or technical support questions:
I paid for it I got it in like 30 mins Big Grin
My bad. Was my l33t at HF
I bought Subscription the 1st of August. Now its the 7th.. A little more than 48 hours?
Shoot Labrocca a PM containing your transaction ID.
Used the contact us page.. paid like 2 days ago. Can't PM because there is no captcha image.
He said he purchased L33T on HackForums, he wasn't actually purchasing Subscription on here.

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