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[Plugin] Profile Albums
Plugin Name: Profile Albums
Plugin Author: Edson Ordaz
Plugin Email: [email protected]
Plugin Version: 0.6
Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.6x
Plugin Language: English
Plugin File Edits: yes (languages)
Plugin File Uploads: 6
Plugin Description: Create albums in the profiles of users.


You can create albums of profile from control panel misc user to bottom is the option you can create albums from ai albums in your profile picture cover and description.

Once created you can go to profile and locate the images only if you give click below on "view albums with description" will open another page which will show the thumbnail image in full size.

Once you are in there you can add the images you want with your description.
Upon entering ANY album you can see the pictures uploaded by users with name and description equally and entering the image will take you to a page where the full-sized display and down the textarea to add comments to this image.

Once with added comments will be displayed below the image and the user will appear a bar of alert that has a new commentary with annotated image link.

[Image: 25549-1309197893-1.png]
[Image: 25549-1309197913-2.png]
[Image: 25549-1309197932-3.png]
[Image: 25549-1309197954-4.png]
[Image: 25549-1309197967-5.png]
[Image: 25549-1309197995-6.png]
[Image: 25549-1309198036-7.png]
[Image: 25549-1309198135-8.png]
[Image: 25549-1309198160-9.png]



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