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403 Forbidden Error when I visit
Whenever i try to visit this forum, i always get a page with 403 Forbidden error. Additionally, it says that You don't have permission to access / on this server.

I'm afraid I've to use a proxy website to post this thread. Moreover, I'm facing this problem for last couple of days while the website was opening fine before.

Kindly, let me know what could be the problem as I want to purchase mybbcentral paid subscription.


(I would be thankful if the support team will contact me through my email address because I won't be able to login with proxy again as it is against the rule)

Might want to PM labrocca with this.
You're probably firewalled. PM Labrocca to get the issue situated.
Thanks for the replies. I've PMed labrocca . I hope this problem will be solved very soon.
Did it get resolved?
Even I get the same error, which is why I had to register using a VPN. Sad

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