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1.6x Dreamy [FREE]
Theme Name: Dreamy
Theme Author: HaX420
Theme Website:
Theme Version: 1.0
Theme Description: A theme with light blue backgrounds. A theme where you can dream.

<--Preview Screenshots-->



Theme can be downloaded at However you must be a registered member. Thanks
[Image: logo.png]
signup is being disabled
I fixed the registrations. You can download it now. Thanks
[Image: logo.png]
Thanks mate.. for 1.6x Dreamy [FREE]
Look's good but i cannot view the Attachments! :'(
Oh really for the free section too. Ill get that fixed right now.
K the problem there was your account wasn't activated. Now it is so go download the theme when your ready.
Lol your talking about the attachments on here i think cause you need to subscribe to dl any type of attachments.
[Image: logo.png]
Can you possibly upload the photos to imageshack or tinypic then use the img tags? Smile
[Image: Animation-selena-gomez-and-demi-lov.gif]
Done. Im going to change all my themes attachments.
[Image: logo.png]
The theme does look pretty good.
Very nice theme, slick and smooth.
I know its free etc, but you should advertise this theme on MyBB and other MyBB sites and forums that dont have a high "Hacking" member base.

Definatly one of those themes that deserves to be known Big Grin

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