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[Request] Dark black, grey and blue custom theme.
I need a custom theme which is similar to this theme(look at link below) but I want the top part like HF and not like what it is set to. I don't like it like that at all. I want the same color scheme as well but might want to get a few others. So must be good at HTML etc.... If you can do this, send me a Pm or post below with price as well.

Here is my current theme, some parts I want to merge but change the rest into what I see fit:

Please Pm here.
If you'd like to use my service i'm available. Pm sent.
[Image: logo.png]
This site won't let me send Pm's for whatever fucking reason. Either way, I Pm'ed you on HF.

Ive messaged you a few times. Let me know if you still need a theme created.
[Image: logo.png]
You went offline and never contacted me again?
Lol well im ready when you are. Im always online. Smile
[Image: logo.png]

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