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I want to ask one big question.
I have been banned on And I have no reason to be banned ( I think so )
So, please unban me.
Your going to get banned from here and all his other sites. Please leave, if you want to talk to him use the contact button in HF. Simple
I cant go to the, so I cant contact him wia the
What you mean you cant go to you don't need to login.. use the Contact button..
here is the pics! :

I cant go the contact.php. and the same error pop ups when i in the browser type this : without any contact.php
Your not banned, you've been firewalled.. Whats your HF name?
My HF name is AtLeast
Your not banned.. Your Firewalled,
So what i should to do to be able to connect
I need really teach alot from the members of the HF.
Find a proxy. Use this one.

go to HF and contact them. select Firewalled in the dropdown.

You will be unfirewalled within 24-48 hours, or atleast receive a reply.

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