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Hidden username when sending warning through PM's.

Maybe we should have plugin to prevent users from viewing the user of who sent the warning through the private message. Maybe instead of having the user who send the warning through the private message, make it say 'Anonymous', 'System' or 'MyBB Engine'. Maybe something similar to that, this plugin would be considered useful because it prevents anyone from knowing who sent the warning through the private message and they will no longer be able to abuse the member of staff who sent it.

I often notify members through Private messages, this would be a greatly appreciated request if completed. I attempted to edit the templates for sending warnings myself but couldn't find anything which removes the username of who sent the warning.

Thanks a lot, regards,
You shouldnt be scared of your members.
Omni is a great example of this, would you dare abuse him?
If you get abuse then just limit his account so he cant do things he could do, or if you have to, ban him.

You dont have to send the user a PM either when sending them a warning, just let them find out by themselves that they have one.
Yes, the username who issued the warning will be displayed in the warning log.

I dont think this is a huge issue, but if you can find someone who wants to make the plugin then congrats.
Thanks for the reply BleepyEvans, it's not the fact that I'm scared of my members, it's actually the fact that my website has only been up and running for about a month and a half now and we don't have a lot of active members. I wouldn't like to consider banning them, that's why I need this plugin. I requested/created a suggestion on the official MyBB website forums although all I got was similar replies.

I don't understand, I post a 'request' on and all I receive is replies saying this is a pointless request, if they don't like it and always attempt to complain then what's the point in featuring a request forum? Thanks although, I appreciate the reply.
(Sep 13, 2011, 11:04 AM)uzi Wrote: I wouldn't like to consider banning them, that's why I need this plugin.

Nobody really wants to ban their members which is why the warning feature is built in to MyBB.

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