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[Release] RepFuck Button
I love this fucking plugin. Omni uses it like a baws.
This is an awesome plugin. Definitely going to use this one to annoy some people. Haha Smile
Are you serious? This is the best plugin I've seen so far its just like Hack Forums rep fuck botton! Thank you so much for this! Will be great for which is my forum
Looks like a cool idea letting members of a forum repfuck themselves.
Edit:nvm looks like its an easier way I belive for admins to take peoples rep away.At least I think thats what its for.
This is very nice. Thanks for this your tut was the best out of everyones in my opinion
Thanks for the plugin man!
I personally think that it's a nice plugin, but a bit useless since that could be done manually, and anyone with the power to -rep someone that much should only be accessible by staff at the most. Even at that point, it would be fairly unprofessional to have to use that on someone with a comment like that.
It can only be used by user groups 3 & 4
Thankx For Sharing This Plugin!

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