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Just Purchased Upgrade.

I had just purchased an Upgrade for this account, to access the new plugins etc.

I payed with paypal and had to pay through something called eSellerate, i hope this is official -.-

How long does it roughly take for an account upgrade?

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It takes around 48 hours.
All upgrades are done manually so please be patient.
If you havent been upgraded by this time on Wednesday then please contact Labrocca to bump your request.
After PMing Labrocca, please wait a while and your account will be upgraded soon.

Note: Labrocca is only human
Yeah upgrades normally take 48 hours but if not, PM Omni. It appears your already upgraded so I assume that your happy. Mine was instant for some reason.
Nice bro
I am gonna purchase it soon
[Image: dzyXP.png]

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