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1.6 myshoutbox Notification Bot addon
[Wilson v3 Released!]
Greetings, here is the Release Log for Wilson Version 3:

Features added and already in use
-Date For Alert corrected to show the time when the post is made, not current time
-Added New registration Greeter
-Added Link to Thread and User Profile In Greeter
-Fixed DB Vunerability Yet again
-Deleted a BUTT load of code (I mean more than 90%)
-Increase efficency and loading time (By Deleting the buttload of code)
-Added functions file allowing Easier implanting into other files
-Added Administrative Power to have him say whatever they want
-Encrypted database access for more secure navigation
-Cleaned up code, YET AGAIN
-Added Weak Brain with few commands
-No refreshing when Speaking with Wilson

Features yet to add
-Any other user suggested Features that would be good
-A stronger Brain
-Random responses to same input

Downside to version 3
-I will be unable to release this as a plugin for other users use, because this will be modifyiing the default PHP page which under its licence I can modify it, but I am unable to redistribute it

Wrapping up
There you have it, Still looking for suggestions on what to add, and ill add more info as I get it Big Grin

Want to Make Wilson Smarter?
Here is what you can do, post a reply in this format:
Type: (Keyword or Command, a Keyword means it searches the entire text and a command means it has to be exact)
Input: (What the user must say to trigger it)
Output: (What wilson says)

What commands he already has
-Hello Wilson
-Wilson: How...
-Wilson: What...
-Goodbye Wilson
-What is your name Wilson?

This is a really great plugin!
Are you going to release the older version?
This has been very useful for me, thanks!
Looks good dude. Will check it out and hopefully i have no issues.
Hi all
thanks for plugin
seems quite intersting
But cant get it , there is no link to download
By the way, I have a suggestion: a notification sound whenever a new shout has been made
hey i checked it out on your site (legit coders) and im curious what code string you used to make the usernames glow like that?
currently im using:

<span style="color: #FF0000;"><strong><em>{username}</em></strong></span>

(just basic bold, italic, red name... how do you get it to glow like that?)
so does anyone know were i can download this? I tried registering on there forum however it said "Your details match those of a known spammer therefore you have been denied registration." Dont know what all that was about, but if anyone has an alt. link please let me know. Thanks!!
Thanks for this
Where is the download? In the OP it says V2 and the download has expired with no attachment in sight. in the "[Wilson v3 Released!]" post there is nothing attached there either. Hopefully you upload it soon, thanks!

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