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Facebook Connect for MyBB - 1.6.x
tankss boy ^^
Hola Papi me ayudara y estos pero lo que quiero es poner el botón para que la gente se conecta con el facebook pa que no registrarse:

Buy twitter followers
This could be useful, but it wouldn't work on every forum. For example, a hacking forum shouldn't have this Smile
good, thank
thank you for your plugin
Would it show up on their time line or no? That'd be good for advertising, but maybe they don't want people knowing that they're visiting your forums?

So basically will there be an option for turning on/off notifications? If there is at all.
Do not use this with default avatar mods, you get error's in mysql and acp editing user avatar
thanks i try Wink
I need this, but link is no longer avaiable. Please update :S

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