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Facebook Connect for MyBB - 1.6.x
Author: Nayar
Version: 1.6.0
Compatibility: MyBB 16
Credits: Ali Razavi for letting me continue on his works. Without him, this project would not be feasible. frostschutz for answering my n00b questions.

This plugin allows people to connect to MyBB with their Facebook Accounts. They can start posting ASAP when there account is created. They won't not have to go through the long registration process.

Existing users can also log in with Facebook. They no longer have to remember their password.

* People can register an account using Facebook
* They can choose a Username during registration
* Their emails are fetched during registration
* People whose Facebook Email matches a user in the database gets logged in automatically and their accounts are linked (configurable)
* Includes a language file for easy translation
* Plugin will not work if the language file is not up to date
* Hooks added for other plugins to complement. FBServices is one example of such plugin
* You can disallow users to choose usernames
* You can use cURL method to fetch data from Facebook
* Additional permissions can now be requested.
* New!!! Birthday is fetched from Facebook.
* New!!! Facebook avatar is set for existing users who don't have an avatar.
* New!!! Facebook birthday are fetched for existing users.

Installation instructions:
1. Get your Facebook application and secret by completing the form here
2. Install and activate the plugins FBCore and FBConnect
3. Go to AdminCP >> Configuration >> FBCore
4. Insert your Facebook Application number and secret
5. Insert "{$fbconnect}" (without quotes) anywhere you want in the header template to display the Facebook Connect button
6. Save

Upgrade instructions from FBConnect 1.4,1.5 to FBConnect 1.6:
1. Deactivate FBConnect Plugin (Do NOT Uninstall)
2. Deactivate FBCore Plugin
3. Replace the previous files with the new ones in this package.
4. Reactivate FBCore plugin
5. Enter your Facebook APP ID and Secret in the settings
6. Reactivate FBConnect plugin and configure it.
7. Insert "{$fbconnect}" (without quotes) anywhere you want in the header template to display the Facebook Connect button
7. Done.

Bump I know.. I'm really sorry. But I'm looking for an app that does exactly this and I can't understand a single thing that download page says and google chrome won't convert it.

Is there anything out there like this?
good it will help me

good it will help me !
If a user connects using Facebook, would that be displayed in his Facebook timeline
Very interested! Can I see some screen shots? Id like to see how this modifies the login process.
URL above can not be found, please file upload plugin mentioned in this thread
its hard to do that kind of plugin,, does anyone can make tutorial via video?
very thanks Smile
There are problems with this plugin, so i will suggest not using it
WallBB Premium MyBB Themes
PM me for any type of support Smile
cool! I will download and see

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