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Plugin: Notification when your post is replied to/Quoted.
Anyone know WHERE I can get this plugin, if it is available.
#2's built into MyBB.
Maybe you didnt understand?

Like you get a notification if you get a PM....

So if your POST gets quoted.. You would get a Notification?
That I am not sure about.

As far as replying though, that's built in.
The only way I would really see this working efficiently would be to alert the user every time a page like this is visited:

But what if they decide to not post and close the page?
What if they just erase your quote and post without a quote?

Another way to be done is to check for your exact post contents, but that would be even MORE ineffective. What if several people made a similar post?

Even then though, it is not accurate and will just create load. If a forum had something like this, I would consider it ineffective and a waste of space. If you are quoted a lot, you will be bombarded, even if the user doesn't reply. Would this be for your own forum?

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