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Usergroup plugin help
Yes, I saw that.
But now, my problem isn't solved.
Can you just tell me what to edit somewhere?
Ok can I just have your forum URL so I can make sense of what your saying.
My user profile.
You have a plugin on your forum which is making the group appear under the primary group title.
You need to go through your plugins and find out which one puts additional user images under the primary.
Yes, but that's the problem.
I'm not that good in php.
Bleepy: yes, that's the title of the thread Tongue

Michael: you don't need to be know PHP to do this.

Admin CP -> Templates & Style -> Templates ->*Your theme's template set* -> Member Templates -> member_profile_groupimage

<img src="{$displaygroup['image']}" alt="{$usertitle}" title="{$usertitle}" /><br />
F4T4L 3RR0R, that's the only thing I see there.
So I can't delete anything.
Hmmm. Do you mind making a TEMPORARY admin account and PMing me the credentials?
You dont need to know any PHP to disable a plugin.
Just screenshot your list of plugins.

If you for some reason your unable to do that then im not helping you, sorry.
Bleepy, he already said that it's a plugin causing the issue. That thread is about the additional usergroups plugin.

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