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Tabbed Menu v2.0.2
For some reason I was required to deactivate and activate after installing to get the tabs to display.
They didnt display after 'Installing & Activating' alone.

Not sure if this is just the site im working on as its not mine.
Update: I am required to deactivate and re-activate to update tabs after making changes.
Im new to the whole webmaster thing... could someone please walk me thru how to do the "customizing" step regarding guests not being able to use the tabs? all i have to do is upload the css file from the extras folder? where do i upload it exactly? :S sorry for the noob questions... my forum is thanks for the answers guys!
How to fix the Guest problem? I can't understand the stated troubleshooting at the first page.
(Feb 04, 2012, 11:19 PM)BleepyEvans Wrote:

Thanks, BleepyEvans! Big Grin
This is really helpful! Need something like it for a network of sites
Hey just as a suggestion for the future (take it or leave it, obviously it's up to Labrocca and Xerotic) Maybe add the ability to change the color of the tabs in the ACP? (Basically just because I'm sure I'm not the only one here that cant figure out how to change the colors... at least I hope I'm not the only one :O)
You can change the colors in the tabbed.css stylesheet which is located in your themes properties panel.
Thanks for this mod. Going to install it tonight and will let you know how it goes Smile
[Image: bluhr.png]
Is it possible for me to make the 3rd tab the Administration tab hidden to certain groups? With the other 2 tabs still working. It just hides the tab and the forums in there?

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