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Multicoloured Username Script
Try this:
Let me know if you get it working Smile
Thanks Bleepy!

I'm confused though, is this definitely for usernames or just regular forum text?
On the reply to his thread it says download the file from this link:
I can't find a file though, is he talking about the page itself? And if so, what file type do I download it as?
I'm not entirely sure on how to carry the whole thing out. Sad
Its for MyCode but you should beable to get it to work for a username, instead of creating the mycode just put the group administrators username style as: <span class="rainbow">{username}</span> and then follow the rest of the tutorial

For the file, your ment to right click > save link as ....
He didnt really make it very clear in the tutorial.

I also found the raw tutorial:
I'm assuming I save the .htc file as a text document?
Just leave it as and upload as is.
I uploaded the file to my root directory, went through the remaining steps and nothing changed. Sad
Same, ill keep looking
Alright, if necessary I'll make you temporary Administrator like last time.

Thank you.
I gave up, tried everything and followed tonnes of tutorials
That's fine, I respect your effects though. Thank you.

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