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Uzi Gaming | Newest Website
Click the image below to view my boards.

[Image: logo.png]

Well, after my previous website (Uzi-Gaming) was defaced by my developer who I thought I could trust, I thought I'd give it another shot and work by myself this time. When I first started off my previous website, I had no knowledge of website constructing, I didn't even know how/where to upload my MyBB files to my FTP. Now that I know what to do, I've been working on websites for the past year. I've had numerous websites after Uzi-Gaming, although they only lasted for a couple of weeks or a month before an error occurred and I hadn't prepared myself in advance.

This website will hopefully remain up and running, for now. I've put a lot of work into keeping it up and running. Becoming a Subscriber on MyBB Central has enabled me to download and use a majority of labrocca's released plugins, I must say that without them my website wouldn't be the same. Thank you to Labrocca for the plugins, themes and so forth. Anyway, my website isn't that large and I don't plan on turning it into a huge community anytime soon. It's basically a website for me and some others to come and chat, get away from the larger communities and just chill out. It's based around various subjects; such as gaming, graphics, computing, and much, much more.

It's been running for a couple of weeks now, or possibly near enough a month to be exact. It's increased in popularity throughout the time of its launch. I have a lot of plugins installed, such as the awards, bans page, RSS news feed, MyTabs, donatino page, contact page, username history and a lot more.

I'm having some issues with some plugins and aspects of the website. Such as the SpiceFuse shoutbox not working or appearing on the forums page anymore after I switched themes for a minute. Also, Ficons doesn't work because whenever I upload an image to a certain forum it doesn't appear on the forums' page. It may just be the way the theme's been created, disallowing certain items from being shown.

If you wish, you may join my community. Just let me know of your username, I'll give you VIP Membership free of charge, considering I haven't yet added enough features which makes VIP worthy purchasing.

I'm still in the constructing process, not everything's set-up.

Thank you for viewing my thread. Rolleyes
Looks pretty good, I don't like the stats at the top, however.
[Image: logo.png]
I like the website so far. The statistics are good and show that the forum is active. The theme is dark which is good because light theme hurts our eyes. I just don't like the stats thing in the header.
nice website :)
Well I've gave the whole website a makeover, you should go and check it out now.

New theme, new logo, new links, pages and colours. Thanks for the replies so far guys. Smile

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