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Upgraded... Now feeling scammed.
(Jan 28, 2012, 06:59 AM)ashkir Wrote: Whelp. Found an alternative plugin after much searching. Not requesting a payment retraction because it seems this place might have new plugins in the future.

So, still to play the waiting game. [PERSONAL DATA]

You just posted all his address. I suggest you delete the image.
Removed it just cause of that request.

But, it isn't sharing personal details as he listed MyBBCentral owned by a company, which is owned by Witza, and that is their public address. It can be googled and the address is spit out. Even in WhoIs.
Still waiting. =/. Anyone know of any other plugin sites with similar plugins I can purchase now since labrocca is sick?

hen you purchase His vip it's instant They don't have to review it. It Also Has free plugins.
Its worth waiting for ashkir.

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