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I posted a thread about the old version of this plugin a while back when I was slightly more active on this forum. Since the thread is now slightly out-dated (eg: I've re-written the whole plugin since I psoted said thread), I thought I'd create a new one.

MyStatus is a simple system to allow user status updates on your forum. It takes the overall idea from IPB's stock status system, but is not currently quite as fully featured.

  • AJAX based status updating and deleting
  • Latest status updates shown on index page and profile. Postbit support is planned.
  • Makes use of the language and template systems fully.
  • Allows user status updates to be pushed to Twitter

Currently working on
  • Separate page to show all status updates ever posted (this feature is complete but I'm yet to push the new version to the mods DB till I finish the next feature)
  • Status comments


@ MyBB Mods Site
@ GitHUB (bleeding edge - not recommended for live boards as it contains pretty much untested code)
It's a pretty decent feature I must say.
Amazing, Love it Wink
Oh you're working on status comments? That's amazing! I love this plugin, but I'm missing those comments. Any idea when it'll be ready?
Brillant glad i got this agin as my members really liked this thank you
This is a very nice start, keep up the good work. I hope you can release this soon.
Cool, would be amazing. In the new forum.
This is very nice oh just realized there was v3
why in my current MyBB users want to connect their twitter can not (tokken)

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